Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten TV Shows/Movies

(This week, The Broke and Bookish is having us mention our top ten favorite non-book stories, meaning tv shows, movies, etc.)

It felt weird writing this post because a.) I write about books, not movies/shows and b.) I've never really reviewed or discussed movies/shows before and I couldn't think of what to write.  However, I decided that this would be an excellent exercise in writing something I'm not used to, so here goes:

1.  Little Women-This movie definitely comes in first place.  Dear, dear, Little Women.  I loved the book so much and of course, I couldn't turn the movie down.  I've seen this movie about 8 times and it never gets old.

2.  Sherlock-This fabulous TV show is one of the few shows that I actually watched all the way through without finding it ridiculously dumb by season 2.  It's smart, funny, dark, and edge-of your-seat-watching.

3.  Pride and Prejudice-The Colin Firth one, of course.  He's the only actor I've ever seen who could pull off Darcy.  There was a version that starred Keira Knightley, but the guy who starred as Darcy (can't remember his name) was kind of sad-sack.

4.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou- Another movie I've seen multiple times.  I laugh and laugh whenever I see it.  It's very loosely based on The Odyssey and is setting in the south in the 30s.  Everybody absolutely has to see this.

5.  Jeeves and Wooster- A British TV series based on the wonderful books by P.G. Wodehouse that, sadly, didn't last long, but was wonderful while it did.  Hugh Laurie was brilliant as Wooster.  Then, later, I heard he was starring as the curmudgeonly doctor in House and I was further convinced that Laurie is a brilliant actor.  Going from a bumbling aristocrat in the 20s to a smart, bitter doctor nowadays is amazing. And he sings and plays the piano. Need I say more?

6.  Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day- A funny, sweet comedy set in the 30s based on a book that I could never find (gah).  I loved this movie.  In fact, maybe I need to see this again...

7.  Little Dorrit- The Dickens series that nobody sees.  I loved, loved, loved this series.  It's interesting, exciting, romantic, and even funny at parts.

8.  Food, Inc.- The documentary that everybody has to see.  I don't usually make sweeping statements like this, but the food culture in America in particular, and the western world in general, is beautifully addressed in this documentary.  It manages to be honest and serious, yet not so depressing that you want to jump off a cliff after hearing the news.

9.  North by Northwest- I love Hitchcock and this is probably my favorite.  I sat on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

10.  Rebecca- Do you know, I have never seen the iconic Hitchcock version of Rebecca?  I've only seen an obscure Masterpiece Theater version that was made some time in the 2000s.  It was fantastic and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


  1. You have some great choices!!
    My Little Women book was so old I finally had to get rid of it.
    I have not watched the Little Women movie.

    1. You have not watched the Little Women movie? Why are you sitting here? Go at once and watch it. I do have to warn you: some very slight things are changed that are noticed only by a Little Women aficionado (if you had to throw the book out because it was so used, you are one). For instance, when Jo meets Prof. Bhaer, she is telling him about her life and mentions her parents interest in transcendentalism, something that L.M. Alcott's parents were interested in. But there's no huge differences to keep you from watching it.

  2. Yay for Sherlock. I adore it. And of course P&P.

    1. Isn't Sherlock the best? I am so sad I have to wait for a new season now.

  3. Interesting choices :) I really like Sherlock too - Benedict Cumberbatch is so great in that part! I remember Little Dorrit too - I had never heard a great deal about the original novel but the series was very well done. Strangely I haven't seen the Hitchcock Rebecca either but we had to watch the Charles Dance/Emilia Fox version for school when I was 14. Some really excellent stories here, thank you for the list!

    1. I loved your list as well! I read Little Dorrit a while ago and really enjoyed it. So if you're in the mood for something a little heavier, I would definitely try it!