Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mary Stewart Books

I got cheated out of a library book.  I checked This Rough Magic out of the library, so pleased that I had found a book by Mary Steward that I had never read.  After reading through most of my library pile, I finally reached for This Rough Magic.  I opened the book and started reading.  Each chapter of the book has a quote at the start.  This one, from the Tempest, seemed awfully familiar, but I kept reading.  Two chapters in, I realized that I had read this book.  I wasn't in the mood for a re-read, so with a sigh I put the book back in the library box.  So now I know that I have read every Mary Stewart book in the library.

 If you haven't read anything by her (or if you have), Mary Stewart is a truly fantastic author.  Her writing is clever and really fits into its own genre: a mix of gothic, thriller, romance, magic, a smattering of comedy, and beautiful scenery descriptions.  I was introduced to Mary Stewart quite a while ago. 
She is such a good writer that I would confidently recommend anything she has written to any reader.

But, while I have read all the books, I haven't read them in these editions.  Just recently, the UK released all of the Mary Stewart books in beautiful new editions with lovely vintage pictures on the front.  I am feeling slightly light-headed.

Did you notice that Thunder on the Right, Nine Coaches Waiting, and My Brother
Michael all have the same dress.  I wonder if these illustrations came from a
vintage pattern cover... 
Sigh.  This is my biggest want right now.  Can you imagine?  The complete set of these (go to amazon, there are about 10 more) sitting on my bookshelf.  *Swoon*


  1. Love these covers! I must find some of these books. I wonder if you have read anything by Joan Aiken? Sounds to me like you might enjoy her.

    1. I have read Joan Aiken! When I was young, I read her children's books and loved them. I just recently read one of her adult fiction and didn't love it as much. I might have to try another one. What's your favorite? Do you have any blog posts about her?

  2. Well, she wrote a TON of books, and as with many prolific authors, some are better than others. One I particularly liked was "If I Were You" (originally titled "Deception" in the UK). Here is the page from her website (which is incidentally one of my favorite author sites ever): Of her Austen sequels, some were too wacky for me but I enjoyed "Jane Fairfax" (exploring the background of the heroine's rival in "Emma"). The wonderful Small Beer Press has recently collected all of her "Armitage Family" stories as "The Serial Garden," and some of her other fantasy stories as "The Monkey's Wedding." Well, that should get you started!

    1. Thank you! "Jane Fairfax" looks fascinating! I'm going to have to look for that.