Monday, March 17, 2014

On Sherlock Holmes

I became obsessed with watching Sherlock recently.  About halfway through, I decided that I needed to read the actual books, because I almost always read the book first before watching something.  So, I checked out a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.  I have a new fondness for the obsessive, slightly insane detective and his admirable sidekick, Dr. Watson.  I never guess how a mystery is going to turn out, no matter how hard I try, but that just makes me admire Holmes more.

Each episode of the show is loosely based on one or more short story.  It was so fascinating to read the original and see how the writers of the show changed the stories.

My favorite stories are The Speckled Band and A Study in Scarlet.  The collection I checked out of the library was very nice and included some good stories, but there weren't very many stories, so I'm going to look for a nice fat collection of Sherlock Holmes.