Friday, June 26, 2015

The Living Room-Finished!

I flew through this project.  In just 5 days, I finished painting what I think was the world's ugliest living room.  In retrospect, the timing for this project was not fabulous, because I have been busy and gone so much of June, but the living room is so lovely now that I'm starting to forget the hassle and stress of repainting.

It took me forever to find the right color because the living room is dark with few windows and I kept choosing shades that were just too dark.  Then I came across a picture of a dark hallway painted with Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl and I instantly fell in love.  After waffling between trim colors (always the hardest part for me), I ended up going with Benjamin Moore's Cotton Balls.  It's the perfect color to go with the gray in a dark room.  It's got plenty of pure white to draw in lots of light, but it's got enough cream in it to keep from making the room look too stark.  Every time I walk into the living room now, I take a deep breath.  It is so soothing and relaxed.  But enough about it, see for yourself!

Deliberating on colors....

The chaos (and inconvenience) of a covered up, taped-off living room.
The amount of paint it took to cover this whole living room.
Cottonballs on left; Gray Owl on right
A lovely corner.

White and gray.

These pictures are from right after I finished.  I took a whole bunch of pictures
today and then realized my memory card wasn't fully in and so I
have no pictures of the rug and the other side of the room (which wasn't finished).

So tada!  There it is!  I can't believe the difference it's made on the whole house having these two rooms painted.  However, I'm definitely done with painting for the summer.  I always forget how much time and effort it takes.  Tell me, have you been working on any house projects recently?


  1. Oh, I just love the colour you've gone with for your living room, CGrace! I'm so impressed with what you've already achieved this summer...two repainting jobs - well done! :)
    Hope you have a lovely, blessed weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh. I like it! I've considered repainting out bedroom a nice, soothing grey like that, but haven't felt the urge strongly enough to actually do it, lol. I'm also thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets because they're fake-wood and kind of...boring. So was thinking of painting them stark white with red accents, but... first the floor needs to be redone. We'll see!

    1. Well, if you do decide on painting your bedroom, go for owl gray! It's a lovely color.

    2. It does look really restful and serene!

  3. Very pretty - thanks for sharing your photos. I love Benjamin Moore paint. My entire house is finally done - all in Benjamin Moore. I particularly like their grays.