Friday, June 12, 2015

Favorites This Friday

I missed a couple of weeks of this weekly feature (blame summer), but here's the post for today.  Here are my favorites this Friday, bookish and not-bookish:

1.) Gray Owl Paint by Benjamin Moore-Yes!  I'm embarking on painting the ugly living room next!  The walls are covered in various swatches of blue and gray, but I finally found the perfectly shade!  

2.) Iced Tea-Do I need to say more?  It's 90 degrees and my elbows are sticking to the computer as I type this. Pretty much any kind of tea, but sweet, black, and mint is always desirable.  I also had some iced raspberry green tea that I've been thinking about ever since I had it.  

3.) Now that April's There by Daisy Neumann-A historically, sociologically fascinating read set in England immediately post-war.  I'm hoping to post a review on Monday.

4.) Scott, Atticus, and Boo: A Celebration of Fifty Years of To Kill a Mockingbird by Mary McDonagh Murphy-Another lovely current read that is making me want to read To Kill a Mockingbird again.  Speaking of which, what do you all think about the latest Harper Lee controversy around her soon-to-be-released book?  I, bad book blogger, hadn't even heard about this until somebody mentioned it at a family picnic.  
I must watch this soon!  Speaking of which, I just
recently learned that there is a King and I Broadway revival right now.  Interesting!

5.) Lots of old Broadway-I've been really into Broadway shows for awhile, particularly the classics and I've been listening to the music from them and watching the old movies quite a bit lately.  So, so lovely.

6.)  Shorthand-I've recently become interested in shorthand.  I can really see the value of having the skill, but we'll see if I actually get passed checking a book out of the library.  

So those are some of my favorites!  I'm going to be gone and busy most of June, so expect sporadic postings.  What are some of your favorites right now?  


  1. It is the strangest thing to think that you are experiencing such warm weather lately, while I am literally freezing as I write this:)
    Your ice tea sounds delicious, though...I am one of those people who enjoy hot tea on the hottest day of the year and icy drinks in the Winter:)
    I loved this post, CGrace, and I am so excited to hear you've begun painting your living room! :)
    Favourites this week would be...walking almost everyday with my sister and our pooches - the scenery surrounding our farm is exquisite...just can't tire of it!
    Hmmm...lovely coffee every morning...
    Ah, the simple things in life!
    Now that Good Wives is finished, I am longing to read North and South by E. Gaskell, so I intend to borrow it from my friend this week coming!
    Have a fantastic weekend - much love!

    1. You know, I haven't read North and South! Maybe I need to pick that up. :) Wives and Daughters is another fantastic read. Have you read that book?

  2. So funny - I am WIP on a paint job too and am trying Benjamin Moore paint (Robin's Nest) for the first time, mostly because I am copying something I saw on a blog. I have to ask, did you get the sample size paint? We did, and it was not mixed up at all. Not even a little bit. And now, even though we love the color for the room, we're concerned about buying a whole can...

    Hope this isn't too off topic, but the timing is great!! :)

    1. Oh, I hope you post pictures of the finished project! Yes, I got about 10 different samples (gray is such a tricky color). I didn't have any trouble with unmixed paint, however. My complaint is that those little sample containers are still too small. A pint is way more than I would ever want to use as a sample, but oh well. I am lucky to live near a lovely old fashioned hardware store where the employees are still friendly and helpful, so I'm sure that if I did have a problem, I could go back there and ask them to remix. If I were you, I would probably go back and get a new sample or ask them to remix. Did you get it from a hardware store or an actual Benjamin Moore paint store? At our local hardware store, they have the cans right there and you watch them mix the drops of color into the blank white paint. Then they open the can right in front of you, so you can say whether you like the color or not. Good luck with your painting project!

  3. Daisy Newman was the "housemother" (now an obsolete term) at my mother's college dormitory in the late 50s and I was delighted to come across this book a year or two ago. If you like it, you should also read Back Home: