Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR List

(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up from the blog The Broke and Bookish.)

This week, The Broke and Bookish is asking about the top ten books on your summer TBR (to be read) list.  I had a really hard time with this question, not because I don't have a huuuuge TBR list, but because I have so many to choose from!

1.  The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyzewski- I already read this, but it was most definitely on my to-read list!

2.  The Mary Stewart books-I had a goal of reading all of them this summer, but now I'm second-guessing my abilities to read about 10 of her books along with everything else.

3. Gone With the Wind-After this was mentioned on the blog Girl With Her Head in a Book, I decided that I needed to get over my aversion to this book and read it this summer

4.  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis-My dad read this recently and told me that it was fantastic, so I'm going to hunt this out and read it.

5. Evelina by France Burney-This was something that was on my Library Loot post about 4 weeks ago and I checked it out of the library, then forgot it, then considered checking it out again, and then forgot.

6. The Baker Street Letters- A book that the library annoyingly refused to put on hold because it was on the new book shelf.  I requested it again and I'm getting it soon

7. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman-A book that, apparently, inspired some kind of controversy (must read up on it).  I saw the movie when it came out and really loved it, so of course, I must read the books.

And then I've discovered a new genre: memoirs that I actually like!  Remember how a couple of weeks ago I had about 3 memoirs on my Library Loot pile?  Well, one of them went missing on the hold shelf and the other just wasn't available, even though it was on the library website (grrr).

So, 8, 9, and 10 are all memoirs that I want to read.  I can't remember all of the titles.  The one I just got in the mail (you know that happy feeling you get when you see that brown, book-sized box?) is called Yes Sister, No Sister: My Life as a Trainee Nurse in 1950s Yorkshire.  It's a fabulous, pretty light book and I'm really excited to read it!

I have to mention as a side note, this is my 100th post!  Yippee!


  1. I'm addicted to Mary Stewart books now. Sometimes I dip into them when I need a break from heavier reading. They are perfect for summer; intelligent but not overly demanding. I hope you enjoy GWTW (I read it as a teenager, and wasn't a huge fan, but I think it's worth a try in case you are). The Golden Compass is such a fantastic, imaginative book even though I think Philip Pullman is totally wrongheaded about some things. Of the trilogy, it's definitely the best. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks! Like you, I read about 80 pages of GWTW and then dropped it. I want to read it now, even if I'm not a fan of it.

  2. I loved Mere Christianity! It's so beautiful - but then C.S. Lewis is generally fairly amazing. Evelina is brilliant too - it's like a pre-cursor to Austen - very highly recommended. I loved His Dark Materials (Golden Compass) and have a new edition on the TBR list .. I need to review it, they're really spectacular but yes, slightly controversial. Also delighted to see that I've inspired you to give Gone with the Wind another chance! This is a terrific list. I am jealous.

    1. I can't wait to read Mere Christianity! It's great to hear more good things about it.