Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Listening To

Sometimes I get in a music-listening-while reading mood.  I am immersed in the world of Belle Ruin right now (review coming soon!) and while I read, I've been listening to Scenes from Childhood (Kinderzenen in German) by Schumann.  This little collection of pieces is pretty familiar and they make surprisingly good background listening, although they're just as nice for sitting down and seriously listening to.

Here's the link from YouTube, so you can listen to these beautiful pieces while reading as well!
My favorites are #8 and #9.  I'm teaching myself to play them now.

And here's the Wikipedia link you that you can see the titles and order of the pieces.
Happy Listening!


  1. Listening to music as I read is something I do quite often, and it often makes mental connections that I can't shake off! Many years ago when I first read 'Lord of The Rings' I was listening to Holst's Planets, particularly Mars - the bringer of war. This was 40 years ago and that music is still connected to that book!

  2. …and for me, The Kingston Trio and Nancy Drew!