Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Finally!  I have the time to devote my attention to my poor abandoned blog.  I have reached the end of my hours of working day and night and am back to a lovely, calm schedule.  Almost the beginning of a summer break.  When I got home yesterday afternoon, I determined that I would begin at once working on all of the projects I've been meaning to.  First, I got my camera out and took copious pictures of pretty much everything and everybody that would stand still long enough.  I've been taking gloriously long runs, performing all kinds of cooking experiments, and reading all those books that have been sitting on my living room side tables for months.

Here are a few pictures of what's been going on around here:

This year's piggies.  Photo Credit: No idea. Whoever was holding my camera at the moment.
Another thing I did: Go to the greenhouse down the road
and stock up on various pretty flowers.

One of the lovely Lantana plants I got at the greenhouse.
This variety is called Evita Red, which means that, every
time I walk past these plants, I get to belt Don't Cry for Me Argentina.
While I was moseying around with my camera, Grouchy Kitty walked up.  Grouchy Kitty is one of our many barn cats.  Her name has nothing to do with the made-famous-by-memes Grumpy Cat.  Actually, her name came before that famous cat, I think.  She was just a generally grouchy cat who didn't like other people.  But, over time, she started to become a people cat.  However, bless her heart, she has a very disgusted look on her face at all times.  Those who are her friends understand that she really is a very kindly soul who has unfortunate looks.  In all seriousness, we think she has some Persian in her blood.

Tomorrow, I've got another chatty post in the works.  It turns out that I had all kinds of posts churning around my head, so I'm excited to start regular posting again.


  1. Hello dear have been missed! :)
    I love chatty posts and catching up with your happenings was lovely!
    Aww, your kitty is really adorable despite her unfortunate features - I love long-haired cats!
    I had to laugh at you saying you like to sing Don't Cry for me Argentina when you see your flower patch - very cute!
    Hugs to you, friend and much love!
    Hope you have a simply excellent day!

    1. Thanks, Kelly-Anne! Yes, we are fond of the dear kitty, though she is unfortunate in features. :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Lantanas are some of my favorites! I plant them in my container garden every year. I've never seen that variety before, though -- I would sing endless Evita songs if I had it.

    1. Isn't it lovely? I am enjoying those plants so much-and thinking I need to get about 12 more!